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The course aims to provide all the needed information for carrying out remote sensing with the use of RPAS in HSE applications. The essential framework for a correct planning / execution of flights and data collection phases will be provided through the software use and description. An adequate instruction on fire prevention and protection will be provided, as well as on specific risks referred to D.M. 10/3/1998 n. 64 in order to ensure the safety of aircraft and people

Theoretical / Practical aspects

  • Photogrammetry and GIS (data acquisition)
  • Aircraft management and operations room (mission planning and route production)
  • Flight sessions and software tutorial
  • Data processing (dataset creation)
  • Training on Fire Prevention and Protection
  • Instructions on the use of portable fire extinguishers

* Theoretical contents and practical sessions will be agreed with the customer based on the duration of the course

Course available on request

RPAS Pilot Certificate (Non-Critical Operations)

Apt Safety Group certificate

Flight Instructors (FI APR) recognized by ENAC and instructors with a multi-year experience in the field of Firefighting, Safety Management and Accidents Prevention


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Additional notes

Duration: 8-16-24 hours

Category: APR

Code: APR08

Target Audience: amateurs, hobbyists, students, professionals, police, civil protection and pilots who have already completed the online certification issued by ENAC

Validity: no expire date

Course Location: Apt Centro Addestramento Località Cascina Guardabiate, 27010 Bornasco (PV)

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