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Course Overview:
To meet the further onshore safety and emergency response training requirements for personnel working in the offshore oil and gas industry.
The course covers Helicopter safety and escape, practical Firefighting and Self Rescue, first aid response including CPR, Sea Survival and Rescue training. The course is in Italian or in English, on request.


Aim and Structure:
Periodically update the personnel working in offshore already in possession of the certificate BOSIET o T-BOSIET OPITO approved. Delegates must be able to demonstrate, in a simulated environment, that they can use the safety equipment: Escaping from a helicopter following ditching, Sea survival techniques, Use basic firefighting equipment and practice self-rescue techniques in low visibility situations, First Aid.


Theoretical aspects:

  • Auxiliary emergency breathing system characteristics and operations (EBS)
  • EBS use
  • EBS duration
  • Dynamic floating associated to the EBS
  • Use of personal locator beacon (PLB)


Practical sessions:

  • Wet suit wearing, life jackets, auxiliary emergency breathing system (EBS) and verification of its integrity
  • Opening, operations and breathing using EBS in different weather conditions
  • Operations to be executed before ditching or emergency landings
  • Operations following a controlled landing, evacuation through a designated point of exit
  • Opening, operations and breathing through EBS in the pool by using the own air before HUET exercises (the delegate must breathe in both negative and positive buoyancies which are created by different body inclinations in water)
  • Operations after a controlled water landing (including EBS opening and window opening after following flight crew’s instructions) and evacuation through a designated point of exit (use of a life raft)
  • Assistance in performing actions relating to a safe boarding on a life raft, including bow cables use, floating anchor use, boat awning installation and raft maintenance
  • Underwater escape through windows after a partial sinking of the helicopter
  • Without opening the EBS and without removing the window
  • By opening the EBS and breathing through it, by removing the window
  • Capsize helicopter underwater evacuation by opening and using the EBS before the capsizing and by removing the window
  • Lifejackets inflation and visor opening in water
  • Boarding on a life raft
  • Being recovered by one of the available offshore means



Theoretical/practical aspects:

  • How to activate the alarm when a fire is discovered
  • Use of different fire extinguishers on A/B-class fires (water, foam, powder…)
  • Personal or group techniques for evacuation from areas subjected to smoke and heat, with and without       smoke-hood, with a limited or absent visibility



Theoretical aspects:

  • First aid management
  • Accidents: haemorrhage, burns, chemical substances contact, heat and cold exposure
  • Priorities
  • Immediate first aid actions, before the doctor’s arrival: situation evaluation, area securing, injured people evaluation, taking care of the unconscious ones.


Practical session:

  • Alarm activation, situation and safety evaluation, airway control, breathing, blood circulation, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, safety lateral position

– A valid (in-date) OPITO approved BOSIET/T-BOSIET, or FOET/T-FOET Certificate.


– A valid, current offshore medical certificate; or
– An operator approved medical certificate.

Next sessions:

MARCH 2022

  • Wednesday 02
  • Wednesday 09
  • Wednesday 16
  • Monday 21
  • Wednesday 30

APRIL 2022

  • Monday 04
  • Wednesday 13
  • Thursday 21
  • Thursday 28


MAY 2022

  • Wednesday 04
  • Wednesday 11
  • Monday 16
  • Wednesday 25
  • Monday 30


JUNE 2022

  • Wednesday 08
  • Monday 13
  • Wednesday 22
  • Wednesday 29

On successful getting through the training programme, it’s issued the certificate Further Offshore Emergency Training (FOET), OPITO approved.


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Additional notes

Duration: 8 hours

Category: Offshore

Code: O02

Target Audience: Personnel operating on offshore platforms

Validity: 4 years

Course Location: Apt Safety Group - Via delle Azalee, 21 - 27016 Sant'Alessio con Vialone (PV)

Participants: Max 16

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