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EMERGENCY RECURRENT TRAINING – ORO.FC. 220/230 Helicopter (Initial/Recurrent Training)

EMERGENCY RECURRENT TRAINING – ORO.FC. 220/230 Helicopter (Initial/Recurrent Training)

The course is addressed to all the personnel involved in helicopter flights.

The training session includes theoretical and practical aspects relating to on-board rescue equipment use, survival at sea techniques, emergency handling,use of fire extinguishers and first aid operations.


Theoretical Aspects

  • What’s combustion? – definition and examples
  • Types of fuel and their characteristics
  • Extinguishing agents and their characteristics


Practical Session

  • Fire extinction with on-board extinguisher
  • Practical sessions in closed environment (Training gallery) filled with smoke and use of protective airway devices:
  • Environment with variables paths
  • Operation conditions in situations of: darkness, non-toxic smoke, sound and noise (Security checks with infrared camera and instructors’ supervision)


Survival at sea

Theoretical Aspects

  • Actions in water:
  • Life raft preparation (video)
  • Life jackets characteristics
  • How to survive in cold water conditions
  • How to help injured people get on a life raft
  • Use of emergency devices
  • Helicopter rescue


Practical sessions:

  • Survival at sea techniques:
  • Life jackets wearing
  • Entry into water with life jacket and inflation
  • Swimming with life jacket
  • Survival techniques in cold water (HELP position, HUDDLE position, survival circle)
  • Getting on life-rafts in unfavourable weather conditions (rain, waves, darkness)
  • Help people get on the life-raft
  • Survival on board
  • Leaving the life-raft
  • Passengers rescue through rescue line
  • Recovery operations through helicopter and winch
  • How to get out from a cockpit of an helicopter which has crashed into the water (with life jacket)


First-aid notions:

Theoretical Aspects

  • First-aid notions in case of :
  • Heart attack
  • cardiac arrest
  • stroke
  • suffocation

Practical Sessions

  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Apt Safety Group


To provide all the delegates with an appropriate training concerning knowledge of on-board life-saving equipment, survival at sea techniques, recovery operations, emergencies management after ditching, fire extinguishers use and first-aid notions

Multi-year experience Instructors


Theoretical/Practical aspects

What’s Combustion? Type of extinguishing agents and fuels

Fire extinction with on-board fire extinguisher

Training gallery filled with smoke



Theoretical/practical Aspects

Survival techniques in water

Technique of evacuation from the aircraft simulator



Theoretical/practical Aspects

First-aid principles

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation notions


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Additional notes

Duration: 7 hours

Category: Aviation

Code: A05

Target Audience: All the personnel involved in helicopter flights

Validity: 3 years

Course Location: c/o APT Academy

Participants: Min 4

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