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BLSD (Basic Life Support and Defibrillation) – AREU

BLSD (Basic Life Support and Defibrillation) – AREU

The BLSD course proposed by the Regional Emergency Emergency Company of the Lombardy Region instructs the learner to recognize cardiocirculatory arrest and its treatment, through the provision of a quality heart massage and mouth-to-mouth mechanical ventilation or with special protection devices (pocket mask). The course also includes a module dedicated to the recognition and treatment of total airway obstruction and resuscitation of the pediatric patient.

During the training sessions, the learners will learn the most efficient methodologies to implement an intervention scheme in case of cardiovascular arrest. Starting from an effective activation of the emergency health service through the WhereAREU app or the classic telephone line. The learner will also learn how to manage the phases prior to the arrival of the medical rescue vehicle with the aim of increasing the chances of survival of the person suffering from cardiac arrest (if necessary through the use of an AED). Basic concepts for the management of total airway obstruction will also be introduced and applied.

Theoretical and practical aspects:

  • Introduction to cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • Chest compression technique
  • Mechanical ventilation (mouth to mouth and pocket mask)
  • Using a Semi-Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)
  • BLSD sequence
  • Airway obstruction
  • Pediatric resuscitation

Weekly frequency


BLSD 118 certificate lay operator pursuant to: Law 120 of 03/04/2001, DGR 10306 of 16/09/2002; DM 18/03/2011; DGR 2869 of 29/12/2011 and DGR 4717 of 23/01/2013

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Additional notes

Duration: 5 hours

Category: Medical emergency

Code: EM07

Target Audience: medical and non-medical personnel

Validity: no expiry date

Course Location: Apt Safety Group - Via delle Azalee, 21 - 27016 Sant'Alessio con Vialone (PV) e/o sede cliente (su richiesta)

Participants: Instructor/Students 1:6

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