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Basic Life Support (BLS) – (American Heart Association)

Basic Life Support (BLS) – (American Heart Association)

The BLS course of the American Heart Association includes all the theoretical-practical knowledge, updated according to the most recent international guidelines (2015), for teaching basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation to healthcare personnel. During the course, learners take part in simulated clinical scenarios that follow real clinical situations as well as practical learning stations assisted by the constant guidance of the instructor. The Instructor / Learner ratio of 1: 6 – imposed by the American Heart Association guidelines – allows constant monitoring and constant feedback from the instructors who in this way can correct and reinforce the learners during the entire course of the practical sessions.

Particular attention is focused on roles and positions to be assumed during the implementation of CPR maneuvers in the health sector, the goal is to provide resuscitation in the most effective way possible.

The BLS course for health professionals is aimed at the early recognition of cardiac arrest and its consequent treatment. With the advent of the new guidelines, attention is particularly focused on performing a quality heart massage. The learner is also instructed to provide mechanical ventilation with the help of a pocket-mask or the Ambu flask and the use of a semi-automatic external defibrillator (AED). The learners also learn the intervention scheme to be implemented in case of suffocation from a foreign body.

Theoretical and practical aspects

  • Importance of high-quality CPR and its impact on survival
  • Application of the steps of the Chain of Survival
  • Signs of someone needing CPR
  • High-quality CPR skills acquisition for adults, children and infants
  • Importance of early use of an AED
  • AED skill demonstration
  • Effective ventilations with a barrier device
  • Multirescuer resuscitation and skill acquisition
  • Techniques for relief of foreign-body airway obstruction (choking) for adults, children and infants

The course requires a preventive study of the manual which will be provided to the participants before the start of the course. The manual resumes all the topics covered within the course. Learners will participate in simulated clinical scenarios and learning stations.

BLS operator certificate – American Heart Association

BLS Instructors – American Heart Association


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Additional notes

Duration: 8 hours

Category: Medical emergency

Code: EM01

Target Audience: healthcare personnel

Validity: 2 years

Course Location: Apt Safety Group - Via delle Azalee, 21 - 27016 Sant'Alessio con Vialone (PV)

Participants: Instructor/Student 1:6

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