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Course Overview:
The course covers the emergency response competency requirements and provides details of training required for personnel working in potential H2S environments. The course is in Italian or, on request, in English.


Aim and Structure:
This training covers the characteristics of hydrogen sulphide gas and the potential physiological effects of exposure as well as the use of H2S detection equipment and “escape breathing apparatus”.

Theoretical aspects:

  • H2S, common denomination and where it can be found
  • H2S physical features and characteristics
  • Definitions used as measurement units (parts per million) and exposure limits (OEL/WEL)
  • H2S Exposure limits measurement
  • Physiological effects of H2S exposure
  • How H2S is detected and detection personal devices
  • Actions to be performed in case of alarm
  • Available equipment, including escape breathing apparatuses and the importance of correctly using masks
  • The emergency team role in interventions against H2S


Practical session:

  • H2S detectors:
  • Check before the use
  • Efficiency
  • Response to the alarm
  • Escape breathing apparatus (EBA) equipped with mask
  • Check before the use
  • Efficiency
  • Escape breathing apparatus (EBA) equipped with hood
  • Check before the use
  • Efficiency

– Methods of connection to the pressurized air line (with active and correctly worn hood)

-Methods of Disconnection from the pressurized air line (with active and correctly worn hood)

– A valid, current offshore medical certificate; or
– An operator approved medical certificate

Weekly frequency


OPITO approved certification for Basic H2S Training will be issued on successful getting through the training programme.


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Additional notes

Duration: 4 hours

Category: Offshore

Code: O14

Target Audience: Personnel operating on offshore installations and subjected to H2S hazards

Validity: 2 years

Course Location: Apt Centro Addestramento - Località Cascina Guardabiate - 27010 Bornasco (PV)

Participants: Max 16

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