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Il corso antincedio avanzato per squadre di emergenza è strutturato per fornire un addestramento antincendio avanzato per il personale impiegato nella squadra di emergenza.
Il corso è composto da un parte teorica e da un addestramento pratico durante i quali ai corsisti sarà richiesto di dimostrare il loro livello di comprensione dei contenuti del programma di addestramento.

Theoretical Aspects


  • Fire triangle
  • Fuels and their characteristics
  • Flashpoint temperature, ignition temperature, flammable range
  • Activation energy: examples of ignition sources
  • Combustion products: light, heath, smoke, combustion gases
  • Reference to the products of combustion (CO- CO2 ) and their effects on men
  • Fuel classification
  • Extinguishing agents and their characteristics
  • Intervention potentialities in relations to the available means
  • Examination of different emergency situations




  • Specific fire prevention measures
  • Main precautions to prevent fires:
  • Importance of work environment control
  • Importance of checks and measures to prevent fires


Active and passive protection


  • Fixed or movable installations
  • Detection: smoke, heath and light detectors
  • Compartmentalization
  • Escape routes
  • Materials reaction to fire


Emergency Plan


  • Procedures to be adopted when a fire is discovered
  • Procedures to be adopted in case of alert
  • Evacuation procedures
  • Call for emergency services
  • Collaboration with the fire service in case of intervention


Personal Protective Equipment


  • Protection devices and use
  • Protective clothing
  • Airway protection:
  • Air composition and negative consequences of a low presence of oxygen
  • Breathable air
  • Anti-gas masks, dust masks, filters choice, limitations, breathing apparatus
  • Description, autonomy and use of air-injection breathing apparatus.
  • Head, face, eyes and hands protection


Practical session


  • Fire extinction with powder extinguisher on a 4.5 sqm rectangular tank
  • Fire extinction with powder extinguisher on a 9 sqm circular tank
  • Fire extinction with CO2  extinguisher on an electric box in a closed environment
  • Extinction of a pressurized liquid (inclined plane) with powder extinguisher
  • Extinction of a pressurized liquid (flange coupling) with powder extinguisher
  • Intervention simulations with the emergency team
  • Fire extinction on a circular tank and leakage from flange coupling with powder extinguisher and water fog
  • Test in training tank to check claustrophobia
  • Practical intervention in a closed environment filled with non-toxic smoke to check the correct use of respiratory protective devices, stressing situations, specific sounds: noise, cries, explosions (supervision and monitoring through infrared cameras)
  • Practical sessions with self-protector for air optimization through:
  • Conveyor belt (tapis roulant)
  • Multi-speed ladder
  • dynamometer
  • Practical session (rescue simulation) in a multi-storey building with smoke and heat
  • Intervention in case of under pressure gas leak
  • Fire extinction on a road tanker
  • Fire extinction of leak from a “Rack” placed at more than 4meter height, with powder extinguisher and water fog (leak on a footbridge at the basis of the Rack)
  • How a high and medium-expansion foam system works
  • Extinction of 100 sqm fires with foam agents
  • Fire tunnel crossing with the use of aluminized and thermoreflective suits



To provide theoretical instructions on fire risks and practical preparation concerning a correct use of equipment and a correct management of events requiring the internal emergency team intervention

Instructors with a multi-year experience in the petrochemical and petroleum fields,
Expert in operational practice and training activity in large industrial groups

Theoretical Aspects


Fire prevention

Active and passive protection

Emergency plan

Personal protective equipment


Practical sessions:

Intervention procedures

Practical training with fire simulators and fire extinction through: powder, water, carbon dioxide and foaming agents

Practical session in the training gallery in conditions of: smoke, darkness, heath (with breathing apparatus)

Practical session in a multi-storey building

Use of thermo reflective outfit


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Additional notes

Duration: 32 hours

Category: Safety at work

Code: S07

Target Audience: Emergency Team Members

Validity: No expiry date

Course Location: c/o APT ACADEMY

Participants: to be defined

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